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Simplicity in Robot Automation is the philosophy and keyword in the design, products and solutions from TDRi Robotics and we specialize in welding applications.
With more than 40 years of experience in the robotics industry, we have seen many good, simple and well-working products and solutions. These solutions are highly appreciated by the customers. So our goal is to keep it simple and user friendly.
Also, we saw the opposite: complicated and very difficult to operate systems with low up-time and low productivity.

What we do in TDRi is to put the basic customer needs in focus. And based upon that develop products and solutions that work all the time. Easy to operate, easy to maintain and based upon proven technology. All because we believe in the simplicity.
So by cooperating with high efficient companies in producing the components, we can keep the cost low. And because of this also keep the price level to our customers low and quality high.
We always do the final assembly and testing with our own experienced personnel. Therefore we can guarantee the best quality and performance.
If you need to customize our standard solutions to fit your special needs, we can help you with a bespoke solution.
And if you need help in startup and programming or need robot training we can also support you with that.
Come to us with your needs and let’s see what we can do together.
In conclusion TDRi Robotics is the modern automation company, with long experience and will give you a well-working solution to increase your productivity and help you to stay competitive.

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Simplicity in Robot Automation is the philosophy and key words in the design, products and solutions from TDRi Robotics.

Productivity Increase Consultation

TDRi can support you with ideas and solutions on how to improve the productivity in your production, related to the robotics automation.

Development of High Efficient Solutions

TDRi normally  supply standard products but in some cases, we can also supply a complete automation solution. This will be discussed and decided case by case.

Start-up & Commisioning

We can also deliver start-up and commissioning support  to our customers that are buying products or systems from us.

Proactive Maintenance

TDRi supports its customers to increase the lifespan of products. By following a maintenance schedule, you can extend the life of your products.

Robot Programming & Training

We can support you in programming the robot cell you have bought from us. This will be based on an hourly rate. Everything from supporting your operators in how to use the cell, to creating the complete programs for your products. We can also give training for your operators and maintenance personnel, in dedicated application programming. For example Arc Weld programming.

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Jan Lindmark
Founder & CEO
Gabor Szabo
Operations Manager
Robin Tonring
Sales and Projects
Giuseppe Sordelli
Sales Represantative