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TDRi Robotics AB Gösvägen 3 761 41 Norrtälje, Sweden
Simplicity in Robot Automation
is the philosophy in TDRi Robotics designs, products and solutions.
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Who We Are

TDRi Robotics is the modern automation company, with long experience, that will give you a well-working solution to increase your productivity and help you to stay competitive.

TDRi Products

The new TDRi STN/STKN robot linear tracks series are lighter, stronger, faster and more cost efficient, the STN/STKN series is the perfect product to improve the working envelope for all robot brands available.

The completely New TDRi standard gantry systems has many new developed features and this web pages will give a brief description of what can be delivered.

The positioners are developed in a modular concept, making it possible to lower the number of parts and reduce manufacturing time. This results in a more cost efficient product that keep the price low.

Our Weld Mate cells are according to the “plug and produce” concept. In other words the cells  come fully equipped and ready to use. This means that all  our Weld Mate cells are equipped with welding robot, welding equipment, safety system and all necessary software needed to start to weld.

CNC Units

TDRi have developed a wide range of  CNC units to full fill special customer demands for flexibility, reliability and user friendliness. With our expertise in precision equipment we can help you realize your visions.

Cable Chains

We help you increase your production speed and profit with our state-of-the-art, strong, durable and budget-friendly cable chains..


Simplicity in Robot Automation is the philosophy and key words in the design, products and solutions from TDRi Robotics.

Productivity Increase Consultation

TDRi can support you with ideas and solutions on how to improve the productivity in your production, related to the robotics automation.

Development of High Efficient Solutions

TDRi normally  supply standard products but in some cases, we can also supply a complete automation solution. This will be discussed and decided case by case.

Start-up & Commisioning

We can also deliver start-up and commissioning support  to our customers that are buying products or systems from us.

Proactive Maintenance

TDRi supports its customers to increase the lifespan of products. By following a maintenance schedule, you can extend the life of your products.

Robot Programming & Training

We can support you in programming the robot cell you have bought from us. This will be based on an hourly rate. Everything from supporting your operators in how to use the cell, to creating the complete programs for your products. We can also give training for your operators and maintenance personnel, in dedicated application programming.

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Simplicity in Robot Automation
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