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Our latest delivery of a SPN-LLBD-500 5-axis positioner

TDRi SPN-LLBD-500 5 axis positioner

-2 stations with tailstock

-500kg max payload

-200kg payload difference between two sides

-2000mm fixture length

-1600mm rotation diameter

-angled machine foot, 15dgr

-robot side can tilt ±360dgr (no mechanical limit)

-top side equipped with steel glare shield

-400A endless rotating welding contact on both stations, with common point at bottom

-1x air hose (10mm inner diameter) on both stations (1-1m extra on both ends)

-1x 24*0,5mm2 signal cable on both stations (1-1m extra on both ends)

Our latest delivery of a complete welding cell

The welding cell consist of 2 stations with 4 fixture positions at each station. The robot can position itself using our STN-1 track and also rotate the fixtures with our SPN-D positioners for optimal welding position. In this project we used a FANUC AM100iD/8L robot and a Fronius CMT power source. All fixtures in this project was designed in house.

Dual robot Gantry delivered 2021 setup for KUKA robots

Robot gantry system

Collaborative Welding setup

Colaborative welding

Introducing our new collaborative welding setup. The system is built around a Fanuc  CRX-10iA and a Selco  welding power source. It’s all built as a self contained unit , easy to move between workstations, quick to setup, intuitive user interface which requires no previous robot programming knowledge.

Gantry leg welding using our own equipment

Check out our all new gantry product range

200kg pillar gantry

Delivery of tracks and positioners 2020-07-03

Our latest delivery of a Gantry welding system and large positioner