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Our Latest Delivery of a SPN-LLBD-500 5 Axis Positioner

Robotic Positioner
We have delivered a welding cell for aluminum boat welding to a Swedish customer.

TDRi SPN-LLBD-500 5 Axis Positioner


  • 2 stations with tailstock
  • 500kg max payload
  • 200kg payload difference between two sides
  • 2000mm fixture length
  • 1600mm rotation diameter
  • Angled machine foot, 15dgr
  • Robot side can tilt ±360dgr (no mechanical limit)
  • Top side equipped with steel glare shield
  • 400A endless rotating welding contact on both stations, with common point at bottom
  • 1x air hose (10mm inner diameter) on both stations (1-1m extra on both ends)
  • 1x 24*0,5mm2 signal cable on both stations (1-1m extra on both ends)

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