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TDRi Robotics AB Gösvägen 3 761 41 Norrtälje, Sweden
Robot Positioners
TDRi Robotics Have A Long Experience In The Development And Manufacturing Of Robot Positioners.
The positioners are developed in a modular concept, making it possible to lower the number of parts and reduce manufacturing time. This results in a more cost efficient product that keep the price low. We are using only the best available components from world leader suppliers that makes the quality high.
Robotic Positioners
SPN-V Positioner Series
SPN-IB Positioner Series
SPN-I Positioner Series
SPN-L Positioner Series
SPN-LB Positioner Series
SPN-K3 Positioner Series
SPN-H3 Positioner Series
SPN-H5 Positioner Series
SPN-LL Positioner Series
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Service Details

TDRi tracks are designed and produced in high quality to increase manufacturing productivity for all robotic applications.

TDRi tracks help to enhance robot workspace by different payload capacities and modular structure features.

TDRi tracks allow high speed and long distance moving with high precision, offer optimized solutions to meet expectations of various applications.

TDRi tracks can be delivered with or without the required servo motor, enabling the customers to use their own motors.