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TDRi Robotics has long experience in development, manufacturing and installation of robot positioners.

Based on this we have developed and created our own standard family of robot positioners.

The completely New TDRi standard positioner series has many new developed features and this brochure will give a brief description of what can be delivered.

The positioners are developed in a modular concept, making it possible to lower the number of parts and reduce manufacturing time. This results in a more cost efficient product that keep the price low. We are using only the best available components from world leader suppliers that makes the quality high.

The positioners range from 1-axis up to 5-axis, in light and heavy duty versions, from 250 kg payload up to 40.000 kg. The new positioners have several options to make it possible for our customers to optimize their “own” positioner based upon our standard.

TDRi positioners are designed for high performance, high quality and long lifetime.
TDRi positioners are developed to increase productivity and quality in robot applications
TDRi positioners are adaptable to any kind of servo motors and servo control system.
TDRi positioners can be delivered with or without servo motors, enabling the customers to use their own preferred servo motors brand.
Just specify which robot model you will use and we will help you with selecting the right specifications of motors and drives to be able to reach the best performance.
TDRi positioners are suitable for all kind of robotics applications. Particularly arc welding, deburringmaterial handling, packaging and
machine tending. But also other types of applications

TDRi positioners can be used in a wide range of industries including:

  • Automotive industry (OEM and Tier 1)
  • Metal working industry
  • Yellow goods industry
  • Construction equipment
  • Wood industry
  • Stone and concrete industries
  • Plastic and rubber industries
  • General industries.