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TDRi can offer robot services according to below:

Productivity Increase Consultation

TDRi can support you with robot services, optimum solutions and innovative ideas, about how to improve the productivity in your production, related to the robotics automation.

Development of High Efficient Solutions

Normally we supply standard products, but in some cases, we can also supply complete solutions. This will be discussed and decided on a case by case basis.

Startup & Commisioning

We can also deliver startup and commissioning support our customers who buy products or systems from us.

Robot Programming & Training

We can support you in programming the robot cell you have bought from us at an hourly rate. Everything from supporting your operators in how to do, up to creating the complete programs for your products. We can also give training for your operators and maintenance personnel, in dedicated application programming, i.e. Arc Weld programming.

Proactive Maintenance

TDRi supports its customers to increase the lifespan of products. By following a maintenance schedule, you can extend the life of your products.