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TDRi Robotics AB Gösvägen 3 761 41 Norrtälje, Sweden

SGS-150-LT Light Over Head Gantry



The SGS-150-LT version is the most compact member of the TDRi over head gantry family. It can carry robots up to 1200 kg on the X axis and 650 kg on the Y axis.

If the object to be transported is not a robot but a workpiece, a payload of up to 1500 kg on the X axis and 750 kg on the Y axis is allowed.


When the Z axis is added, it can carry robots of all brands with standard arm length and a carrying capacity of less than 10 kg, or workpieces up to 150 kg with extremely high speed and precision.

Available options

  • INA, HIWIN, SCHNEEBERGER, REXROTH Linear Guiding Systems.
  • Coated rollers, guideways and racks.
  • Auto lubrication.
  • Limit switch option.
  • Zone switch.
  • Enclosed cable chain.
  • Robot integration.
  • Welding package carriages.
  • Standard Service platform (ladder with side barriers).
  • Advanced service platform (stair with walking platforms).
  • Robot Control Unit Carriage.
  • Special color of paint.
  • Z axes safety break.
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