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TDRi Robotics AB Gösvägen 3 761 41 Norrtälje, Sweden
Gantry Systems
TDRi Robotics have a long experience in the development and manufacturing of Gantry Systems.

TDRi Robotics has long experience in development, manufacturing
and installation of gantry systems.
The completely New TDRi standard gantry systems has many new
developed features and this brochure will give a brief description of
what can be delivered.

Robotic Gantry Systems
SGS-150-LT Light Over Head Gantry
SGS-300-MD Compact Over Head Gantry
SGS-700-HD Heavy Duty Over Head Gantry
SGP-200-LT Light Pillar Gantry
SGP-300-MD Compact Pillar Gantry
SGP-300-HD Heavy Duty Pillar Gantry
SGB-300-RG Rail Guided Bridge Gantry
SGB-300-OG Ground Bridge Gantry
SGB-300-OH Overhead Bridge Gantry
we provide
Service Details

TDRi gantry systems are designed for high performance, high quality and long lifetime.

TDRi gantry systems can be equipped with our patented telescopic Z-stroke as an option if the ceiling height in the factory is low.

TDRi gantry systems are available for all types and brands of industrial robots.

Just specify which robot model you will use and we will help you with selecting the right specifications of motors and drives to be able to reach the best performance.

TDRi gantry systems are available with XYZ, YZ or Z axes options, with up to 4 robots at one gantry system.

TDRi gantry systems are suitable for all kind of robotics applications. Particular arc welding, material handling, packaging and machine tending.